Games to Play at Your Super Bowl Party

If you’re planning on throwing a Super Bowl party, make sure you get your guests pumped and tuned into the action by lining up some super fun Super Bowl games!

Games not only keep your guests entertained during halftime and the commercials but they will also make any non-fans feel included. After all, who doesn’t love a bit of friendly competition!

  • Don’t Say It – this is a great game that everyone can play, simply ban a word, such as “football” for the whole duration of the party. Anyone who dares to utter the forbidden word must complete a forfeit or punishment!
  • Super Bowl Bingo – print off some free bingo cards and have everyone looking out for things to mark off on their card, such as cheerleaders, timeouts, and celebrities. Whoever shouts BINGO first wins the prize!
  • Guessing Game – draw up a list of variables such as who will be the MVP, which player will score the most points, will the singer lip-synch or perform live, and have party guests try to predict the results of each one. Make sure you have a prize ready for the winner, such as team bottle coozie!

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