Best Ways to Stay Warm When It’s Cold Out

Even the hardiest of fans can feel the cold once the super-low temperatures start to blow in. Luckily, whether you’re watching the game from the side-lines or heading out to the field for practice, there are plenty of ways you can fend off the cold and keep yourself toasty warm:

Drink water – this is a simple but ridiculously effective hack! Water is one of the best ways you can retain body heat, so the more you have in your system, the easier it is to stay warm. Keep yourself topped up by carrying a bottle with you everywhere you go.

Keep your core insulated – your core is what is keeping the rest of you warm so make sure you keep it properly insulated with plenty of thermal layers.

Eat plenty of food – stocking up on lots of healthy fats and warm foods is a great way to keep your core temperature up as this will increase your blood sugar level and provide you with the energy you need to beat the cold.

Avoid alcohol – you might have heard that a few drinks can warm you up, but alcohol actually reduces your core temperature and inhibits your ability to shiver, which is an indicator that your body is reaching hypothermia.

Cover your extremities – hypothermia begins in the parts of your body that are furthest away from the core, so layer up with hats, mittens, and super-warm slipper socks to keep them toasty warm!

Don’t forget to stay safe!

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