Get Your Game Day On!

There’s nothing more exciting that the lead up to game day. The anticipation, the excitement, the sheer exhilaration of watching your favorite team just can’t be matched!

Making sure you’re fully prepared means you can kick back and relax on the day, so make sure you follow these top tips to get the most out of game day:

  1. Make a sign – give your team the support they need by creating a massive sign either promoting them or poking fun at the opposition. You never know, your sign might make it on to ESPN!
  2. Arrive early – make sure you have plenty of time for parking and avoiding queues, this way you can head straight in and start getting your game day on! Some fans are die-hard enough to camp outside the venue from the night before and if you are planning on heading to the venue this early, you can keep comfy by taking your pillow pet.
  3. Take a poncho – the result is not the only thing you won’t be able to predict on game day; the weather can also be really unreliable! Pack a rain poncho to make sure wet weather is that last of your concerns!

Being prepared means you can really make the most out of game day, so head over to Sports Connection to check out other merchandise for the big day!